Shoot a contracting rope to pull dangerous toys into traps, pits or explosive barrels. If the situation gets messy you can pull yourself to safety. How many waves can you clear before dying?

Use W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move.
Use left mouse to shoot your rope, you can shoot multiple times to stick enemies together or stick them to walls.

Use right mouse to pull yourself 


Enemies can drop red yard balls, collect them to get more ropes to shoot.


- Johannes Kutsch (Ruhken) / Programming
- Marcus Meiburg (Jar) / Programming, Shader 
- Philipp Werner / Programming
- Valentin Fischer/  3D Art

For PC: Exit with Alt + F4 :)

Music by Eric Matyas


Download 43 MB


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Music is pretty generic, not doing much to the feel of the game. Gameplay is fun, but I feel like the rope should affect enemies it isn't tied to. I love how some deaths make things fly high in the air.  A pretty good game, but couldn't hold my interest for more then a few games.

Thank you for your feedback. Sadly we had no sound designer for the game jam. So we had to pick some music from the internet :(

We have some things on our todo-List for this game but also on our real world list^^, outside of gamejams, so we have to prioritze, hopefully we can come back and can tweak some things. Maybe the game is more than a few rounds in the future.

Really fun aesthetics, cute enemy designs. Loved the overall look and feel. It was a little too hard for me, but I also enjoyed picking up upgrades and finding new ways to stick enemies together. Great job!

Awesome aesthetics, I love the textures and the sounds work very well :) I'm also a big fan of mechanics where you fight enemies indirectly, and the needles and ropes were fun and intuitive to use!

Thank you! Indirect fights were one of our design pillars. I think we did it quiet well :)


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It was so enjoyably to watch you playing :) Thank you for your video link!
One question, did you play with a controller?

Beautiful game with a really neat mechanic. Great job!!

Thank you very much!

Graphics and gameplay are spot on, but there's a few fixes that I would greatly appreciate:

-ability to cancel a rope

-some way to make the "pull" more safe and reliable (I almost never used it in my best runs)

-increased time before the later waves stack (new waves starting before the old one is cleared)

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Thank you for your honest feedback. And yeah our artist was absolute amazing! Was alot of fun working together.

If we had more time the game would have a overall better balance state:)

The pull mechanic was added later in the process so we could't fitt it perfectly into the connecting theme but i liked it so there it is like it is :) We could make it more safty with some easy tweaks i think. First we should disable the walls with appearing spikes, second you could stop if you would fly into spikes and third you could be invulnerable if you dash.

I think you don't need the ability to cut the rope i think you want it because you have more shoots later in the game, but if we concentrate in just one rope with more interesting upgrades it would be overall the better game.

What do you think?

I can't believe you got this good of graphics in the time of the jam! I couldn't get past wave 3 but this is so fun already! Very neat concept, overall great game!

Yeah we can't believe it too :) Lots of days and nights without  sleep were the magic trick i think^^

Great looking game, and quite a lot of fun too! Music creates a good mood, goals and controls are clear. I wish you could increase your hit points when you pick things up, instakill is a bit brutal. But other than that great game, good job!

We thought one health point creates a much greater meaning if you die Maybe we could add a difficulty level were you can select 3 2 or 1 hp.

But I created a wishlist and your hit points are on it now :)

Anyway thank you for playing our game!

The main mechanic has a lot of creativity, but mostly depth, since everything you do relays on shooting or pulling on your rope, adding multiple ways of using the same actions! The fact that everything not cardboard can be hooked, including ennemies between themselves and moving obstacles is really impressive. The fact that you even have an interesting artstyle, music, multiple ennemy types and upgrade mechanic on top of that is absolutely baffling. Good job!

Our game if you want :

Awesome feedback thank you!

In the process we really want to focus on connecting and not just shooting a rope. Our artist had the great color idea to highlight important parts to help players without a deep tutorial.

We could make some mechanics much better but time went by and we were really tired at the end xD

I liked your game too, we had something in mind too because Johannes, one of our programmers, is a big fan of "Nova Drift" and he wanted to explore some of the mechanics in this jam. But we were lucky and got an awesome 3D artist .. Valentin :)

If we could do some changes we would focus on upgrade mechanics with differences in kind and not in scale. A counter is most of the time just boring :)

Took me a while to get the hang of it but when I did it was really fun and hard to stop playing! The style was very cool and I like how the character flies up in the air when he dies :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

I didn't know gdwc2019 but now i do, we will take a look :) Thank you very much for your feedback!

No problem! :)

Wonderful.  Love the idea and aesthetic.  Wish I was better at it :D

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Thank you and I feel you :) Valentin our artist did a great job!

A very interesting mechanic well realized! Super engaging and hard to stop playing!

Cool that you got engaged :) Thank you for playing!

Really neat, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I kept getting stuck in the corners where my rope couldn't get any targets, so I only made it past a couple waves. The style is awesome though, and I don't know if I'm just really bad at it (the other commenters don't mention getting stuck) or if the stage design could use some tweaks to make sure that doesn't happen.

Thank you!

How exactly did you stuck? Stuck in a way you hang on a wall? Or more like you could't move because you were surrounded by enemies?

Cool concept. Took a little to figure out how to manipulate enemies and the world but the game was simple enough to just experiment and have fun. I did accidentally cause my browser to go back a couple times because of right clicking and dragging but that is just a web issue. 

One thing that took me way too long to realize is I could shoot multiple times to pull a target to another point. Having some way to indicate that as a option probably would help.

Had lots of fun playing around with what I could do. Great job.

The tutorial part was by design something we thought the players could experiment by them self. (but at the time we thought that we did not have waves and presure^^)

The multiple shoot mechanic happens if you collect enough yarn balls. You you have the change to shoot much more ropes. But yeah that's something we did not really communicate well.

The style of the game is great! I wish there was an easier tutorial though ^^; I spend a lot of time dying in my own spikes, and I have to wait for the first wave to begin after each restart. But, the mechanics is really well thought through, since there are many ways to defeat enemies it sure gives you the feeling of agency!

The restart wait time is on our list and you added a +1 to the priority :)
If i play the game i also get killed by myself running into spikes^^ So maybe nothing wrong for now :P  but its something we should look at later.

Thank you!

Love it. What did you use for the rope physics?

Thank you!

We used simple springjoints... really unpredictable stuff^^

There's a lot to like here - great, cohesive visual style, and a fun core mechanic. I especially liked tying explosive enemies together and creating a chain reaction. I would experiment with pulling giving more momentum to enemies than it does to you so you can pull them into pits - right now, it's pretty easy to pull yourself in as well.

One point on our "nice to have"-list would be the momentum so every time you hit a enemy with your rope he would pushed back a bit. That would hopefully also prevent you to stick on walls. 

He really appreciate your feedback!
We have a +1 for momentum on our list :)

This was amazing! My favorite gamejam game so far! It has a ton of content for what it is and a great concept. Although I didn't use the pull mechanic much. Also, what are the pins in the bottom left symbolize? My best was wave 6. Really great game!

Also, if you want to play my game you can here:

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Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah the pull mechanic is one of the weaknesses, we also realized that but we had to decide which way we want to go.

The pins show you how much ropes you can shoot. That the other weakness^^ Its just a counter and nothing really special if we could we would make play-style changing rope (metal, electric and so on).

I really like the overall polish and amount of content here. However, I did have a few issues with this version of the game. First of all, it took me too long to understand that you can shoot the rope a second time, I tried to pull enemies into traps by walking for far too long. After I figuered that out though, the game became really fun! At first I thought the controls were a bit loose, kind of as if you were walking on ice, however this proved to be a non-issue during gameplay. One thing that did feel a little off was that enemies can still walk through the rope. I tried to block their path a few times out of instinct and was a little disappointed that that didnt do anything. Now, there are two things I am not sure if its just a me thing or an actual issue, but here it goes; 1. Waves started while enemies of the previous waves were very much still alive. This was probably by design, but it made my "running away and hoping the problem mostly resolves itself before I take out the last few straggelers strategy" (TM) extremely hard to execute. 2. The death animation felt a little too long. This could be because I died a lot though XD I am not great at this game, I barely made it past wave 7 after much trial and error (the difficulty ramped up pretty quickly there, no?), but it is extremely fun and the sheer amount of content,considering that this is still a jam game, is extremely impressive. I could easily see even a slightly updated Version of this going for 15 $ or something, I mean heck, during the game I forgot I was playing a jam game for a while. Really good job!


Thank you really much for all of your feedback. Valentine our artist was a really great content machine... :)

The freeze feeling of the movement is just because at first we want to have controller support (yeah you can play the game with a controller :) ) And its easier to control if its not s precisely.

We had a lot mind, for example that you could pull enemies, if you are connected to them, to you. Or even upgrades for the rope... metal spiky rope, electric rope, burnable rope and so on. But yeah its a jam and our goals were to high^^

We just spend one whole day in another more complex robe but we decide to cut it out (lol cut it^^) because it was not so fun.

Anyway you are totally right with all of your points.
1. yes that was by design, because sometimes it felt a bit boring to search for the last enemy.
2. yeah thats on the polish list, like dead sounds, screen flash and better statistics (How many of what did i killed)

My best highscore is also Wave 7 :) But yeah we should stretch the game a bit with more "tutorial"-like parts.

Gorgeous graphics. Doesn't work on Edge for some reason; worked fine in Chrome. Played great, but I didn't "get" a lot of the mechanics. I have no idea what the numbers on the bottom left and right actually do.

Hey thank you :) Yeah the numbers are not really clear,  thats one of our design weekness. 

The right one is just to show you how many balls you have to collect to get a "better" rope (more connection points)
On the left is just the number of rope upgrades.

Really neat concept! The difficulty seems a bit high and I died a lot when trying to get the hang of the controls but its really fun once you get going. Nice work!

Bahaha one of the best jam games I tested so far, downloaded, I'll try to go as far as possible on this one x)

I'm so bad in our own game my highest wave was 7 or something :) But our other programmers reached ... i think 11 or 13.

Anyway.. thank you very much!

I made 6 so far x) but after a bit of training it should be fine =D do you plan on refining it and for a possible release ?

We have no release plans for now.

I made it just to 7, so maybe you could beat me on your next try :P

This is fantastic! Great work!

Thank you!