Follovers combines the best mechanics of Frogger and Snake. How many follovers can you attract and how long can you keep them alive? 

Use W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move.

- Go near idle follovers to collect them.
- Your follovers are your lifes. When you die the next follover in line replaces you.
- You gain points each time you advance a row, depending on how many follovers you have and how high the row is.

Step on a powerup to activate it:
Ghost - The Ghost costume makes you invisible for a short time. Cars cant hit you. How spooky!
Savety Vest
- When you wear the Savety Vest cars will stop for you. How nice of them!

- Johannes Kutsch (Ruhken)
- Marcus Meiburg (Jar)



- Optimized WebBuild, lags are gone, performance doubled! Hurray :)
- Changed GameOver screen color.
- Added a Restart-Button in Pause-Menu
- Added a Quit-Button in Pause-Menu (Windows Only)


- Increased audio volume
- Added controller support
- Added local Leaderboard
- Fixed tree scaling


- Removed Pre-Created-Highscore-List (Windows Only)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsRuhken, _Jar
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, frogger, Low-poly, Procedural Generation, Short, Singleplayer, snake, Unity


Download 23 MB


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Deleted 1 year ago
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Currently i working on and on my masterthesis. If i finished the mt i'll probably come back to follovers and make some gameplay changes.

But i don't know if we will publisher it soon

Love this game! Have you considered offering this on the Unity Asset Store or for sale directly.  

Thank you very much :)

I thinking about to rebuild the game with Unity's new DOTS over chistmas  and after that maybe we could add it to the assets store :)


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Hey nice work there, reach out to us we want you on our team!

Cool, dynamic and nice-looking game. One of the best in the jam. No audio though:(

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

We have audio :) Maybe your browser was muted?

I already rated your game on Monday, its really really cool :)

WebGL loads audio with a big delay, but it haven't loaded audio eventually the last time I played. There was an audio this time anyway.

I guess your game can be top five now.... Now word can comments your game. Last year i download one game call zombieparty also close to the snake game type. But i think your game is very interesting one and desverse the high ratesScore.

(2 edits)

very nice, fun game. ghost after ghost power up is pretty broken. worth further development. 31k on my first try. jk now it 60k highscore

(2 edits)

Thx..31k is really good for the first try. My average is around 56k, but im a bad player. 

Crossy Road 2.0 :D

We heard about it :) I did not know Crossy Road well, but now its on my phone and ready to play <3

its fun , but difficult, nice idea 

Difficult to get a high score or to get a lot of follovers across the street?

(1 edit)

To get a lot of follovers across the road

Thank you very much, thats a usefull info to work with :) 

Very fun! It's quite difficult though :P I think the only stable amount of follovers I had was 3 XD I love your interpretation of the theme! The art and sounds are spot-on :) Overall, great game! :D

Hey thank you :) Yeah it's a bit like Darkest Dungeon^^ Don't try to like your Follovers :P

No problem :)